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Sorry about the delay. Let's set up a time for next week to review the system's operation. Thank you and your staff for your outstanding work! We are very excited about our new Media Room along with the music system for the entire house. I gave your name and number to our friends Michael & Beth they are looking to do something in there new home in Weston.

Leslie & Peter


I can't say what was going through my mind at the time when I saw thousands of wires being run throughout my house. But now that the house is completed and we are moved in I'm glad I took your advice. We have the lighting control, the whole house music, the telephone system (30 telephones to be precise) the computer network all ten computers, the video distribution in all fifteen rooms. The home theater I can't say enough and I also can't put it into words of all the great compliments my friends say about it, when they come in from L.A. to visit. Our home is to be featured in Architectural Digest I'll let you know when it happens. Once again Gerry, thank you to your and all your staff for the fine job. Everything works perfectly!.

Ed & Rina