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Gerry Masucci, owner of SounDynamicS, has been involved in custom electronic installations since 1986. Gerry earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in Electrical Engineering. He holds both the low voltage System Contractor, and System Technician License from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With today's home systems forever changing and more complex then ever before Gerry is committed to attending seminars constantly, to keep-up with new products and procedures to better serve the homeowner.

When Designing a system t
he following features are always considered
  1. User-Friendliness

  2. Functionality

  3. Economy

  4. "Future" Smart

Behind the scenes we take it one step further. During the installation process, we always consider the future and what might lie ahead for possible upgrades - at which time extra cables are run to specific locations in the home.

All our designs and configurations are well documented and stored. With every major project it is vital to keep detailed documentations. Detailed documentation is necessary not only for future usage, but also at the installation phase - to insure the project will work properly, is completed correctly, and is on time.