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                       Welcome to the SounDynamics Experience

"Much More Than Sound"

The Cutting Edge - We make sure we know what technologies will meet your needs to
day and in the future. Whether it be HDTV, Home Audio/Video or Acoustical Treatment, you can rest assured we are continually evaluating and researching what's an emerging trend and what's merely a passing fad.

Professional Staff - Our staff is regularly trained by noted industry experts and by each of the manufacturers to assure that they recommend what's right for your situation. And when you visit us again in the future you'll see the same faces, eager to attend to your needs.

The Right Selection - We've literally scoured the globe searching for what's worth owning. If we recommend it, it's because it represents the latest, most worthy technology and best value in its category. Our reference sound rooms are equipped so you can hear and see what you're buying before you make your final decision.

Installation Services - Our professional installation staff takes pride in ensuring your audio/video is installed with the utmost care and precision. The installations go in simply, quickly and perfectly. You'll be convinced that the system came built-in when your house was constructed, not after.